Gordon M. Everett, WA​ - 04/15

I was pretty uneasy about buying a Chinese pit bike online especially after reading some of the reviews out there but my experience was unexpectedly good so I thought I should leave a review of my own.

Very Happy with my experience. Shipping was very fast to my door a few days after I purchased it with no damage. The 110 cc pit bike came in a crate partially disassembled and the website had a useful video on how to assemble it. The website also has very good videos on it for each model and I was able to make my decision on which bike I wanted without talking to anyone on the phone. Price was the best I found anywhere online. I took it out to run it today with my son and he loves it, no issues at all and the over all experience has been much better than I expected.

I can see that if you are not mechanically inclined or experienced that you may end up unhappy as there is some assembly required. I also keep in mind that I paid a lot less then I would for an equivalent sized big brand bike so I don't compare it to one.


Annie T. Whittier, CA - 02/15

Service here was great! The manager/sales guy was very helpful. Very knowledgeable and down-to-earth. Great selection of bikes. All calls I've made before heading there were met with friendly, courteous service and extremely informative. Made the process of picking out a bike extremely easy!


Julio H. Los Angeles, CA - 01/14


These guys/gals are great! I bought me a SSR Rowdy 150 in October 2013. Brad and his guys were exceptional! After a lot of internet research, I found these guys from their videos on YouTube. I felt like they lived and breathed scooters and bikes. I called them on a Monday and Asked if they had a Rowdy 150 in Black, they told me no but said if I was serious about buying they would build me one by that Wednesday. With no down payment or any promises they built me a black one and I showed up and purchased it no problem, they even gave me a free helmet. They taught me how to check the oil, and told me that my first service is free. Sure enough I showed up for my first service which was way overdue, and i expected it not to be free since I went over the Mileage agreed but they still didn't charge me anything. I ran into another happy rowdy 150 customer that showed up for his first service and he was as happy as I was with the service and scooter. I live in Highland Park and there is a scooter service place in Downtown L.A. really close to me, but I would rather ride down to Whittier and give these guys my business. Besides the ride through the east side hills is really worth it. I am a loyal customer, and my wife plans on buying here first scooter as well. I could not be happier with SSR Dealers.


Nate W. Garden Grove, CA - 06/13


These guys are Awesome at what they do! Extremely knowledgable staff,will answer any questions you need answered with patience and understanding and great selection of bikes and etc.,,overall great location,relaxed atmosphere,and excellent customer service!So to Brad,Dave,Rick and all the guys at SSR Dealers,Thanks for all your hard work and being yourself!Keep it up Guys!--Nate.W


Shaynee S. Brooklyn, NY - 09/12


This place does a-okay in my book.  There are no doubts about the staff's knowledge and passion for their hard core scooter lovin' roots.  They know their stuff and it's trusting to bring your motor baby in to experts.  However, I do wish the customer service was more up to powr.  Other than that... they're cool in my book.


Sid, Beverly Hills, CA - 6/11


Prices were the best I have seen so far during my scooter shopping excursions. I was impressed with the fact that the place was very busy (lots of scooter and pit bike people there) so it seems they must doing something right. I got the opportunity to chat with a couple that said they bought two scooters from SSR Dealers about 3 years ago and that they would not even think about taking it somewhere else for service. That was a comforting thought for me especially when I was told they have been in business for so long.

Only downfall for me was that I wasn't greeted or addressed right away but when someone finally got around to me they apologized and gave me all the information that I was seeking. I'll have to give them a break though because they were really busy.

Very informative salesperson and I will go here to buy when I'm ready since the other dealers I've checked out seem like they didn't know the products (or even have any in some cases) and didn't have mechanics on duty or anything like these guys do.

They were very impressive and helpful!

Sid L.